See how we make the foam for the Vulcan S

As with any bespoke upholstery service, pricing can be tricky without a good idea on several factors -

Budget - Always the first thing the customers should have in mind. Quite often people want to get the best, for as little as possible. Don't compromise, get the best you can afford. At the end of the day, you get what you pay for.

Size - As I'm sure you're aware bikes come in all shapes and sizes. Full tourers are very large and have enormous car-like seats and hence use up more materials and time. However a simple sports bike seat is often completed within an hour, to do a basic recover.

Materials - Clients have different needs. Some may just want a simple black vinyl cover putting on to replace a ripped or torn seat on their bike. Others are interested in luxury leathers, for example Andrew Muirhead or leatherette such as Ultraleather. Differences like these can make the price vary.

Difficulty - You might have a scooter, you're getting wet on your commute sitting on a leaky seat and you've stuck yourself to the duct tape one last time.. So all you need is new cover. Simple! But then there are motorcycle seats that are badly damaged and need the padding fixing and the cover is so far gone that it's unrecognisable. This needs more attention to detail to remodel the seat. Factors like stitching, piping, embroidery, embossing, foam remodelling or reshaping are all things that can alter the complexity of the job.

Design - "I would like a smiley stitching into my seat Ed" This is a very easy request.. "I'm after the Mona Lisa embroidered into the back rest Ed" This sort of thing could cause a lot of functionality issues as so much stitching would turn a piece of waterproof vinyl into a sieve, shortening the life of the cover. I try to give useful advice when it comes to what's best for the bike seats durability and longevity.

These are all things I discuss with clients to get a good feel for what the finished result is going to be like.

In most cases I am able to get all these factors arranged quickly.

However, if you have something a bit more complex in mind then I can aid the design process.

For those of you who just want an immediate idea on cost then the following price guide may help. These are regularly requested jobs

Seat lowering (+ any padding alterations) - £35

King-Queen (pictured) - £240

Recover - (sports bike) £48- £350 (goldwing)

*please note: these are guide prices*