Vulcan Competition terms

The popular design.
The popular design.

Competition terms and conditions.

- The competition is open to uk residents only.

- The chosen winner must be willing to travel to and from Nettleham in Lincolnshire.

- The winner must own the Kawasaki Vulcan-S 2015-18 or affiliated models with the same seat unit. (Or know someone who fits the rest of the terms)

- The winner must be happy with leaving the Motorcycle in the workshop for up to 3 weeks.

- The winner would accept CORE motorcycle seating to have full design or control over the finished seat.

- The service is not exchangeable with any other service or product.

- The Prize / Seat will come with a 6 Month warranty.

- The Prize will be a Remodelled solo. Vulcan-S saddle by CORE motorcycle seating. Value of £200.

Good luck!

Edward Crowther

CORE motorcycle seating

21 September 2018

Ivan Lintin

Here’s Ivan’s pit bike.
Here’s Ivan’s pit bike.

It was an honour to get to do Ivan’s pit bike that he will be taking to the Isle of Mann TT this year. See our Instagram page for more details! @coremotorcycleseating

18 April 2018

Dora The Explorer

Difficult to stand up for photography!
Difficult to stand up for photography!

This seat has been a lovely job to do! The freedom to express my own design and ideas is always good. With an starting budget and the customers full confidence thrown in I can get the result the bike deserves.

In this instance our client had a couple of preferences like the Alcantara, of the diamond stitching and the colour of top stitch in green. I sent across a basic artistic impression of the seat and got the ok. Even the lettering has been hand drawn in house, scanned and turned into embroidery.

I hope you enjoy your new Triumph Explorer seat this summer Jodie!

17 March 2017

Thank You!

The new Triumph Bobber
The new Triumph Bobber

Here at CORE we have enjoyed a busy year, it's left minimal time to look back and see what we've done!

Some of our highs include; having Guy Martin's seat to work on, doing the 1st ever customised bobber seat for Triumph in partnership with Down&Out cafe racers and hitting 700 likes on Facebook. All this in 8 months!

For those of you that are new to our work then please follow the link to our Facebook page and see how productive our year has been!

A big thank you to all of our customers!

06 January 2017

Harley Trike

Nothing to work from
Nothing to work from

This trike seat was an entertaining test of my abilities! With nothing but a seat and back rest to work with from another Harley Davidson, it certainly gave me some challenges. With a wonderful result. Close ups are in the gallery.

31 October 2016

Moto Guzzi Trike?!

After seat work has been completed.
After seat work has been completed.

This is officially the first Moto Guzzi trike I've seen and done. From the one off front forks to the standard Guzzi luggage, I was facinated by the unique style of this trike.

It really kept me looking for a unique seat style to suit these long distance riders. Now they can enjoy a 3 hour journey between stops from the original 1 hour.

Thank you again to Alan and Jenny.

31 August 2016

Gimmicky Gel!

An example of a gel pad
An example of a gel pad

This is a quick bit of information for any future customers. Gel inserts, as I often get asked about, are somewhat of a gimmick. They're usually put on the surface of an already hard foamed seat as a comfort option.

Here at core we like to use a composition of foams to create a real feel of comfort in your seat, standard "cold cure" foam in factory seats has a sealed surface layer which stops the natural air pockets from being able to breathe.

13 July 2016

King Queen With A Cowl Conversion!

Check Facebook for more pictures!
Check Facebook for more pictures!

Ever thought of adding comfort to your seat but you still want to use the cowl you have or make it look like one is on it.. We can accommodate most seat types!

11 May 2016

Gavin's Custom V-Rod!

Spot the original parts!
Spot the original parts!

Here we have a V-rod that made me awe struck! The rear air ride suspension was something special, the custom swing arm and over sized back tyre were over the top but it did look incredible. Thank you for the privilege Gavin.

Check out the gallery for close ups.

30 March 2016

Warren's Bike

Metallic grey matching is tough!
Metallic grey matching is tough!

Here is a finished picture of Warrens Triumph Trophie ST, this bike has seen a whole lot of the U.K. and Ireland. The stories about the roads have inspired me to get over to island to see the North West 200!

14 March 2016

Customer's Photos

Michael's GSX 1400!
Michael's GSX 1400!

Here at Core, we love it when people send a picture of the seat on their bike. Especially as we do nationwide work. In some instances it's nice to have the bike here in our studio to photograph but it's often difficult to get the bike here. So send them in. We really appreciate it! See some of them on our Facebook page, (link at the bottom)

15 February 2016

Diamond Harley

Harley Davidson sportster with scratch made rear seat
Harley Davidson sportster with scratch made rear seat

I thought this Harley might be good to feature as this particular customer had his front seat done, then came back to have a rear seat made from scratch. He said "the wife wants to start coming out with me so can you make me a rear seat to match the front?" and this was the result!

29 January 2016

Valentines Promotion!

King Queen conversion with added extras
King Queen conversion with added extras

During the month of February we are offering all King-Queen conversions with a 20% discount! This includes all extras.. So for every £100 you spend, you get £20 off!

24 January 2016

Matching Coloured Cowl?

Cowl conversion
Cowl conversion

Always fancied a cowl for your seat but worry if you might get the wrong shape or size?

For the amount they cost it's not worth the hassle when you can make your seat look like it always has one on it!

We have an extensive range of colours to suit your paintwork so it will look the part.

13 January 2016

Christmas Winner!

The finished article
The finished article

Big thank you to our competition winner David Broadbent, the Repsol CBR seat was a treat to work on.

Visit his site for any restoration or tuneup needs and always keep us in mind for the comfort factor!

FST Automotive 30 December 2015

Christmas Givaway!

Here at Core motorcycle seating we're giving away, to one lucky winner, a seat recover or alteration up to the value of £100! Simply comment on this Facebook post to be in the draw!

Results will be announced this Saturday the 19th!

16 December 2015

Coccyx Pain?

Firm foam with a space for a painful coccyx
Firm foam with a space for a painful coccyx

Riding motorcycles long distance is one of the obvious ways of seeing how comfortable the bike is. In a lot of instances it can be the riders own aches and pains that cause the problem. An alteration to the core of the foam for the coccyx for example helps the situation.

19 November 2015

Core On Facebook

Here at CORE, we would like to invite you all to visit our new Twitter and Facebook pages. Like, follow and comment. We will be showing offers and promotions on these sites exclusively! So keep your eyes open.

10 November 2015

Ex Poliece Bike

Ex police Pan European
Ex police Pan European

A recent job highlighted a new realm in alterations for us. This Ex police bike was brought along with a bit about its history. The forces had to change manufacturer because of a dangerous high speed wobble during pursuits. It's thought to be that the cause was merely a pair of unbalanced panniers.

04 November 2015